Eric Neveux decided to become a real musician at the age of 15…

… so he left the Conservatory where he studied and quit his piano and music theory classes!

Ten years later, he met Francois Ozon, then a young director just graduating from film-school. Eric composed the score for his first film, 'Regarde La Mer', and the theme for his first feature 'Sitcom'.

At the same time, he was finding himself more influenced by and passionate about the emerging Bristol-scene. He created his alter ego, Mr Neveux. Tuba, the first album under this moniker, was signed to Cup of Tea Records.

Eric's future in the world of film and Tv soundtracks was cemented in 1997, when he met and worked with Patrice Chereau on his film, Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train (Official Selection Cannes Film Festival 1997).

It marked the beginning of a long collaboration with the director, spanning several projects together, including Intimacy (
Golden Bear winner at Berlin Film Festival 2001), and Persecution (Mostra 2009).

Through this long collaboration on different films, Eric has discovered and created music for a large variety of scenarios, moods and atmospheres. He has played with genre, texture, and ambiance. From comedy to drama, full orchestra to electro-acoustic, independent to mass-audience, Eric approaches each project as a blank page, a new effort to collaborate fully with the director's vision.

photo: Bénédicte Bless


Once Upon A Forest, french trailer


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The Attack, US Theatrical Release 5th July 2013 - Trailer

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Un Village Français: Season 5 Premiere (France) on oct 1st and a new OST on oct 7th!

The french acclaimed TV Show 5th Season premiere will take place on october 1st (in France), followed by the release of a new Soundtrack Album, on october 7th.

Digital release (Distr. IDOL)

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One excerpt from The Attack

One excerpt from The Attack


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The Attack

Ziad Doueiri's new feature film The Attack will be released in theaters in France on May 129th and in the US on June 21th.

The soundtrack album will be available on all digital platforms and will be followed by a vinyl releasing at the end of June.

More information to come.


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Borgia Season 2


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Borgia, Season 2: Soundtrack album

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Borgia, behind the scenes. Original Music

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Hideaways o.s.t. review on Soundtrack -

Enthusiastic review by John Mansell on Soundtrack /

Soundtrack website - direct link 



This is a stunning score that is filled with wonderful thematic properties, interesting orchestration and haunting tone poems.

The composer’s light and emotive touch is stunning and beautiful, he interweaves beautiful motifs and utilizes solo instrumentation such as, affecting cello, plaintive flute, delicate almost fragile harp and piano to great effect producing poignant, sensitive and heartrending compositions that are pleasing and lingering. 

 So all in all HIDEAWAYS is an extremely good score and one that should be in every discerning film music lover’s collection. Highly Recommended.

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Eric's interview on LCI (French TV News Channel)

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2011 original soundtracks Top 10, "Hideaways" reached #6 !

Link to the 2011 Soundtracks Top 10 


The o.s.t. has been released on CD on Movie Score Media

Movie Score Media Website

+ available onall major digital platforms

I-Tunes link

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