SamSam - Recordings Session - August 2019 - British Grove Studios - London

With Isobel Griffith's incredible players, Jonathan Allen, JP Arquie, Jim McWilliam and my amazing team



Festival de Cinema et Musique de Film de La Baule - November 2019

First masterclass for kids (elementary schools) with Eric Neveux and Emmanuel d'Orlando.
Huge success, and most importantly: great fun!

The Illegal - Recordings - Accordion (Paris), Orchestra (London - British Grove Studios) and Piano, guitares, flutes & percussions (Los Angeles - Kingsize Soundlabs Studio)

With Lionel Suarez (Accordion), JS Legros (Orchestrator), Jonathan Allen (sound engineer and score mixer), JP Arquie (Score Producer), Leo Vincent (personal assistant)
"Poco Bollywood style" !

The Illegal - Accordion by the fantastic Lionel Suarez



The Breitner Commando (Qu'un Sang Impur) - French Recordings - April 2019

with Joel Grare (Percussions) and Fabien Mornet (Oud and guitars)

Spirou & Fantasio (dir. Alex Coffre) - Rhythmic Rec Sessions in Los Angeles @ Studio 64 - Sept 2017


Nicholas on Holiday - Recording sessions in London (British Grove Studios) - March 2014



Air Studios - Recording Session for Borgia (2013) with the Philharmonia Orchestra

with Jim McWilliam (Orchestrator), Jean-Piere Arquié (Agent & Score Producer), Stephane Reichart (Engineer) and Denis Furne (Producer)

Borgia Season 2 - Music Making Of - 2013