VISIONS: Special screening at Canneseries 2022



A Special screening of  2 episodes of the forthcoming TV Show VISIONS (BEYOND SIGNS), starring French pop star Louane and directed by Akim Isker, will take place during the 2022  CANNESERIES Festival, on April 3rd.

VISIONS soundtrack album will be available soon!


Season 1 – 6 x 52 minutes | WorldPremiere
In French with English subtitles
Episodes 1 and 2

Lily, 11 years old, disappears at her mother’s birthday party. That same evening, a little boy, Diego, has strange visions linked to the tragedy which alert the police captain and, above all, his wife, Sarah, a young psychologist. A special bond will soon link Diego to the young woman, especially as the child also seems to be linked to obscure elements of her past.

Note from the artistic direction
A new TF1 series with an all-star cast where we will gladly encounter Louane again. Here, the visions from the title are those of a child sensing tragedies around him. A clever combination between family drama, paranormal and investigation.


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